Twitter Social Media Advertising

Power Of Twitter

testTwitter has emerged as a leading brand tool in recent years for business houses,celebrities and politicians to broadcast their message among their fans,followers and employees. Most easy form of advertising, and you can reach end customers by click of few buttons.Whether it's new product launch,or announcing an event,twitter makes everything easy as ABC.


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Pricing of twitter advertising start from as low as INR 3000/month.Come and unleash the real potential on digital marketing, the Twitterrr... way

Benefits of Twitter Advertising

  1. Easy to use.Can broadcast 160 character tweets any number of times.
  2. Easy to track competitors.Follow them and stay informed about them.
  3. Single place to stay tuned about all fields.
  4. Tweets:Use twitter and let business leads follow your door-step.


Case study for twitter advertising

  • Outdoor advertising is that the oldest type of advertising. The outside media includes outside advertising in many forms- like posters, billboards, hoardings, unipoles, translights etc. These may be stated because the ancient media choices. Where as, the globe of out of doors advertising includes of rather more. There square measure non-standardized signs like wayside signs, route advertising and innovative mediums like transit advertising, mall advertising etc. that every one return underneath outdoors' domain. Hence, evolving a additional encompassing type of advertising known as Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) . TMBĀ®

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