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  • Out Of Home Advertising Out Of Home Advertising

    Out of home advertising, therefore, is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places, in transit, waiting (such as in a medical office), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue). Outdoor advertising formats fall into four main categories: billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative.

  • Advertisements on utility bills Advertisements on utility bills

    Allowing the advertisements to be placed on the utility bills. At present, the utility bills segment is very small as the companies are investing only around 1-2% of their total ad spend on it. However, it is expected to increase to 5% by next year

  • Airport advertising Airport advertising

    Airport advertising, which helps businesses address an audience while traveling.

  • Texi & Auto Rickshaw Advertising Auto Rickshaw Advertising

    Auto rickshaws and Texi are a common means of public transportation in many countries in the world. The benefits of this advertising apart from being the obvious attention that this media attracts many, It has a very low cost per eyeball ratio, it moves with the crowd catering to vehicular, pedestrian and local transport passengers all at once.

  • Out Of Home Advertising Balloon Advertising

    Balloon Aerial marketing is very attractive option in India as we at have fantastic designs available to targete city specific locations. At we try to monetize on the creative potential of your product or brand to achieve branding/advertising results which put you as unique in your own field.We work with our clients closely to define their objectives and work out the most appropriate product to display.

  • Advertisements on utility printed Bags Advertisements on utility bills

    TheMediaBazaar help her clients to design innovative carry bags to parcel products, and also run campaigns to distribute bags carrying Business information with contact details, which can be multiple time by persons, indirectly increasing the Brand Visibility among their networks.With uncertain reach, it may get you customers being landed to you from most un-imagined sources.

  • Newspaper advertising Newspaper advertising

    TheMediaBazaar is a leading web portal for the online booking of classified advertisements in newspapers. provides the foremost secured and easy way to book Classified ads online.Whatever the case,we give you a single interaction solution for your advertisement need when you want to publish ads.

  • Pizza and Other Foor Outlet Advertising Pizza Outlet Advertising

    Would it bother you if you knew that the advertising on your plate/cup would reduce the cost of the meal by 5% (or some other factor)?