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Advertising in Food Courts of IT Parks and Malls

Food court advertising is mainly possible in mall food courts and IT parks eatries. Targeting eaters while they take a break to grab food to eat is a new and innovative way to reach them at the point of purchase.

Food Court Table Kiosk Ads

Kiosk tents are dual-sided paper/flex ads that are mainly placed on tables in IT park and mall food courts, in college campus messes like dining halls, student cafeteria's, and other student facilities, and in other dining environments. Mainly, table kiosks are used to replace other mall, campus or retail advertising mediums. But, table ads are an important medium on their own, since the placement of table ads positions the ad message directly to people while they eat, study and/or gossip. The same creative advertisement can be printed on both sides of the table kiosks.

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Advertise product in IT parks and Malls Food Court

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