About US

TheMediaBazaar.in provides a unique and centralized place to Business owners to search for their Outdoor business promotion needs in the form of all Out of Home (OOH) and indoor advertising services. We're a team of five professionals, who believe in CHANGE could be brought in current business routines,by providing extra ease for clients to book and execute marketing/advertising campaigns.

TheMediaBazaar is coming to change the way companies used to promote their products and services.

Services TheMediaBazaar Offer

Myhoardings.com provides a unique and centralized platform for Business owners to search for their Outdoor business promotional needs in the form of all Out of Home (OOH) advertising services (Viz. Outdoor hoardings ,Advertisement on Railways ,OOH billboards and Signages ,Ads On/In Buses, Mobile Hoardings , Advertising on Taxi ,Promotion of Business via TV and Radio/FM Commercials ,Signage ,Digital Ads ,Newspaper Advertising ,3D Ads ,Exhibition advertising and more.

OOH Advertising

TheMediaBazaar is a growing outdoor media company providing OOH services form of Outdoor hoardings,Billboards and out-of-home LED television. Our OOH Media screens have been installed over 12000 small and BIG screens in more than 150 Indian cities reaching out to millions people daily.TheMediaBazaar Media reaches the kind of audience which belong to all income groups,are decision makers,HNI individuals ,broadening scope for marketing resulting in more ROI and thus providing the quality audience to the advertisers.

Airport Advertising

With the days of affordable Indian airlines like Indigo,GoAir etc. a booming economy and increasing number of people having disposable incomes, the amount of frequent flyers is on the increase year by year and so it given boost to Indoor and Outdoor Advertising at Airports is gaining vital momentum across domestic and international airports in waiting lounges,Flight information display etc.This creates additional space for advertisers to spread numerous media out there at airports to achieve the target purchasers effeciently. TheMediaBazaar provides array of premium innovative and eye-catching spaces outside and indoor media sites keeps the travellers delimited and supply a major boost to the image of the complete brand being promoted. TheMediaBazaar.in have shut tie-ups with corporations having exclusive rights to the various Airport and Inflight advertising spaces areas across India, a marvel in OOH Media style.TMB is poised to require your Brands to following level. On the anvil are a fleet of recent arrivals that are able to spend :)

Taxi|Cab Advertising

There are more than 20 Lakh licensed buses,cars,taxis,office cabs operational in the major Indian cities. 60% of the total are in 4 metro cities alone.Outdoor Advertising on these movable taxis works in result producing ways for product/service advertising. Either as stationary advertising platform OR moving campaign,inside and exterior of taxi advertising can take brands with additionally visibility anywhere.City Cabs/Taxis are used and seen by city high travellers, shoppers with money to spend and tourists and visitors looking for new experiences and adventures. By adopting advertising on a licensed taxi, advertisement can change the buying habits of a possible and invaluable customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the basic need of advertisement to all kinds of business owner , whatsoever small their budget might be.We aim to provide End to End services to our client,just for a call.We believe in providing services at lightening fast speed, ensuring satisfaction and time saving for our clients.


Contact us for any further queries at business@themediabazaar.in OR Dial us at +91 9665911646